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It must then go without saying that I have been really looking forward to attending the Lingerie Francaise exhibit highlighting the history, craftsmanship and beauty of French designed lingerie at Espace Pierre Cardin.  Finally, on my third attempt to see the exhibit (first time it had yet to open to the public, second time it just didn’t bother opening up), I made my way in and…sigh…it wasn’t great.

I mean, yes, the garments themselves were lovely to look at but the exhibit itself seemed rather makeshift and ever so awkwardly temporary.  It was just rows of garments that all started to blend together, none standing out from any of the others, a few videos, a space to touch various fabrics and a really uncomfortable hologram show of women through the ages prancing about in their knickers.  The undergarments from days of yore were entertaining to watch but once you get to the 70s and a girl with big hair is just making cat poses at you for what feels like forever, you have no choice but to get up and get on with your life.

So what I’m saying is, there is no place in the world like Paris to shop for and learn about lingerie.  But you’re better off going into one of their legendary shops if you really want a show.

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